Enapps system Introduction

At Enapps we pay particular attention to training our clients as part of the system introduction process. We understand that the process of learning a new dynamic system is a challenge for any business, so we involve the people who will actually be using the system at the earliest stage possible. We realise that its not just new icons and different terminology that needs to be learned, but also new processes, different menu structures and a whole new set of functions.

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To make these changes much easier to cope with, Enapps initially run ‘first user introduction sessions’. These sessions, when combined with our ‘wiki documents’ enables a new user to start familiarising themselves with the new system, menus, structure & login details.

Also, when we embark on developing new functionality, we require that the main stakeholders are fully involved at the early stages and are able to interact with us on our project management system. This gives us additional ground for training since these sessions are enabling users to see a brand new perspective, evolution and shaping of the system to match their exact needs. As a ‘rule of thumb’ we like to receive feedback within a week of completing a custom functionality, since we do not like to lose momentum in the overall project delivery time-scales. Any delays over a two week time period is considered completed functionality, unless notified in advance that users are not going to be available for that period of time, in which case it may mean that we have to reschedule the ‘go live date’. Having gone live you will benefit from our continued support and hand holding during the go live period. It usually takes about 1-2 weeks from the ‘go live’ time for users to become completely comfortable with the new system, so during that time, you have our team to rely on for any questions that you may have.