Enapps has gone mobile by partnering with Xpansa

You can now get full access to your Enapps ERP system via your Android mobile device (tablet or phone). Key product features are a clean and ‘easy to use’ interface which synchronises contacts into your phone and meetings into your calendar.

Your full mobile ERP experience – mERP      Logo__48

The mERP product is a native mobile application and it is the first which gives you a full mobile experience with Enapps ERP. It doesn’t matter which custom fields or menus you have added, they will all be available on your mobile application without development cost. It’s as simple as just entering your Enapps ERP server URL, login and password and you get immediate access to your ERP system on your phone or tablet.

Simplicity with functionality

Managing your business on the go has never been easier. It doesn’t matter what you are using your Enapps ERP for, invoicing, projects or sales management. The quantity and complexity of the task no longer makes a difference, you get virtually all Enapps ERP functionality on your mobile device. Add contacts, manage tasks, projects and sales processes and track your time, it just works.

Mobility and synchronisation

When using mERP there is no need to worry about the control over your daily activities. You can communicate with your colleagues, delegate tasks and control your resources a whilst being on the move. Synchronise your contacts and calendar to your own mobile device. So missed meetings and lost contacts will be a thing of the past because all of your vital information is always with you. The cost is just £18 per year per user and it is available right now – please get in touch with us to purchase licences when you are ready. Click here to download a 14 day trial of the software. If you need help on installing the Andriod APK file, there is a great article from CNET here and there is also a free Android application which can do it here.