Warehouse management system

The Enapps warehousing module is the perfect WMS for distributors who need accurate stock management using any of the average, FIFO, standard or batch costing methods. Managing warehouses, deliveries, transfers and stock takes is essential for any SME and mid-market sized company. Through the warehouse management system within the Enapps ERP implementation, your company will gain control and organisation of all your logistics requirements. All ‘goods IN’ and ‘goods OUT’ movements, which are driven by your sales and purchases, can be configured to follow the FIFO principles. You therefore have an accurate picture of your stock levels by product at any time, including retrospectively, along with accurate costings and stock valuations.

warehouse management software


Stock control software

Organised, controlled and efficient

The Enapps ERP system allows your company to model a simple or highly complex warehouse structure and environment. Warehouses define the main space where your company stores stock. Within the warehouse management software, you can define multiple locations that are built for your specific hierarchy. Locations don’t just represent physical places, but also represent other entities like supplier locations, customer locations, write-off or scrap locations and much more. Within the warehouse software you can also define multi-layered physical locations such as rows, racks, bays and shelves. Configuration of the warehouse structure is simple yet powerful allowing you to automate the flow of logistical transactions within the ERP system. There are numerous ways of analysing your stock levels within the ERP system. You can look at your stock by batch and view allocated, outgoing, incoming, virtual and real stock figures on a per product basis. Full retrospective stock valuation reports, inventory analysis grouping by location or product category and much more. You are also able to transfer your products between multiple warehouses or various locations you have defined in the system. Stock take functionality allows you cross check periodic manually counted figures with system figures. The stock take will automatically generate any write up or write off stock transfers, ensuring that any financial impact of the stock take is correctly accounted for. Cycle count requirements can easily be implemented by setting up an automated stock take generator.
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Streamlined logistics

Delivery documents allow operators to process goods in/out transactions which include a complete workflow for allocation of products to orders and parking deliveries in quality control for review. Completed deliveries will automatically record GL entries in the finance module, thus keeping real-time stock figures and accurate knowledge of your stock valuation.

warehouse management system

Batch tracking

Full traceability

The batch tracking features within the ERP warehouse management software allow companies to record serial numbers or batch codes against any goods coming into stock. Once the batch codes are assigned, the products, their quantities and their costs are kept track of for all subsequent related transactions. This provides several practical implementations for your business like recording each unique item by serial number, being able to determine where components have been used in the case of manufacturing, or utilise batch costing methods. The batch tracking functionality is deeply integrated into the ERP, you therefore have full traceability of each batch throughout the entire business process.

stock control system

Returns & RMA

The complex made simple, the simple made compelling

The Enapps ERP system allows processing of customer or supplier returns, automatically generating the necessary GL entries for stock valuation purposes and also allows you to process credit notes if required. Define RMA policies and let personnel intuitively be guided by the system on what, how, where and when goods need to be returned. Configurable rules can also be set with variables such as statutory terms, warranty terms and product conditions.

warehouse system

Advanced WMS

WMS software in UK

Advanced WMS with Mobile Barcode Scanning

 This is an optional module which enhances the standard warehouse management software module. Before implementing the Mobile Barcode Scanning feature of our WMS, we expect that you will have become comfortable with your new ERP implementation. The reasons for this are two-fold;

  • There is already a huge amount of change within your organisation having taken on a new ERP and it is best not to impose too much change too quickly.
  • You will most likely not know ‘the best way’ to implement Mobile Barcode Scanning in the early implementation stages, so this prevents you from having to make costly changes later.

We do not usually quote for this work at the early implementation stages since some of our clients never choose to implement this type of scanning.

advanced wms

Feature list
Function Description
Delivery IN Receive products into stock/inventory driven from your purchase orders.
Delivery OUT Deliver out goods sold through sales orders.
Stock transfers Transfer stock/inventory between locations and warehouses.
Returns Customer and supplier returns.
Warehouses Create and define any number of warehouses which link to the locations used to process goods in and out.
Locations Flexible locations can be defined to represent stock/inventory, customers locations, supplier locations, work in progress and more.
Sub-locations Define physical locations within a warehouse or plan specific product rows, racks &  shelves.
Minimum stock rules Define minimum stock levels that will automatically replenish with draft purchase orders once real stock quantity levels drop below the set rule amount(s).