The smooth and fluid ability to process sales orders is fundamental to any organisation. The integrated sales software in the Enapps ERP system enables an organisation with a powerful yet simple set of tools and functionality to accurately and quickly process their quotes, sales and orders. Both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) type transactions can be successfully modelled in our system. The Enapps Sales software for small business includes E-commerce.

Create professional quotations

Creating quotations with Enapps’ ERP sales software is an easy process which draws on existing customer and product data. Simply input your customer and the products or services you are delivering and the ERP will do the rest of the work.

Example features:

In-line addition/editing of order lines
Easy product searching
Payment terms
Customer reference code
Price-lists (multi-currency)

See the ‘full feature list tab’ for more information.