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Sales Software for small business

The smooth and fluid ability to process sales orders is fundamental to any organisation. The integrated sales software in the Enapps ERP system enables an organisation with a powerful yet simple set of tools and functionality to accurately and quickly process their quotes, sales and orders. Both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) type transactions can be successfully modelled in our system.

The Enapps Sales software for small business includes:

sales software


Sales system solutions

Create professional quotations

Creating quotations with Enapps’ ERP sales software is an easy process which draws on existing customer and product data. Simply input your customer and the products or services you are delivering and the ERP will do the rest of the work.

Example features:

In-line addition/editing of order lines
Easy product searching
Payment terms
Customer reference code
Price-lists (multi-currency)

See the ‘full feature list tab’ for more information.

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Order processing

Powerful automated workflow

sales process software Your sales process is integrated within the system, which does all of the hard work once the order comes in. Any complex order processing workflows can be defined and mapped to your requirement.

For example, once a quote is approved, the Enapps ERP sales software for small business provides numerous configurable options to route the order for fulfilment. Orders drawing from inventory can be routed directly to the warehouse for delivery. Orders that require items to be purchased from suppliers are sent through to the purchase run.

The integrated nature of the Enapps ERP means that processing quotes and orders will automatically fulfill other business processes. Deliveries, invoices and procurement orders are all linked to and driven by the progressing sale.

Service based companies can toggle options to automatically create projects or service contracts once a quotation is confirmed.

The flexible workflow functionality of the ERP allows for any sales process you require to be mapped.

Product parameters

Product parameters

Multiple variants of the same Product

The Enapps ERP sales software for small business provides an advanced way to define your product catalogue, which allows products to be configured with parameters that help better define them. A product can have for example: size, colour, material, shape, or description parameters, that will toggle price changes based on selection or default options for the product.

The further power of the product parameters function is that each time a product with a parameter is loaded onto a sales order, it becomes unique throughout the rest of the business process. So if the item ends up in stock, it will still be stored with the chosen parameters, even if it is a custom description.

Product Parameters – is an elegant piece of functionality which allows us to assign a specific set of parameters to any product. For instance, you may have ‘Garment A’ with assigned parameters Size, Colour & ‘Material type’. ‘Garment A’ will then only have a single product entry within the database along with its associated parameters (as opposed to many other systems, which will have a product entry for each variation of ‘Garment A’).

sales software tools

sales system software

Feature list
Function         Description
Customers Create customers.  View summary information on your customers’ accounting activity, sales history, activities, communication, e-mails and more.
Contacts / addresses Create multiple contacts and addresses against the same company.
Customer categories Create categories to better group your customers and define a hierarchy.
Quotation Create a quotation for your customers, adding products, delivery and invoicing addresses.
Quote revisions Revise quotations, archiving the current version and instantly creating a new quote for editing.
Discounts Add discounts to quotes and orders.
Promotions Configure complex promotions by product or groups of products to run for specific areas, customers or sales personnel. Example – “buy any 5 items and get 5% discount”.
Sales orders Convert quotations to sales orders automatically generating invoices and delivery documents.
Sales order approval Manager review and approval of quotations prior to converting to sales orders.
Sales workflow Process quotation, to sales orders and link to other connected business processes.
Price lists Configure price lists for customers to provide a default price adjustment to specific products or product categories. Price lists can also be created in various currencies and attached to a customer by default. Price list versions can also allow for the simple management of seasonal price lists.
Print / e-mail Print or e-mail quotations and orders from the order screen.  Add notes on a quotation or line which will appear on the printed document.
Order lists Easily view lists of quotations or orders.
Payment terms Configurable payment terms.
Sales analysis and reporting Dynamic reporting to analyse sales performance, by salesperson, customer, product, product category, time period and more; sales reporting showing daily and weekly activity that can be configured to be e-mailed out daily, weekly or monthly to certain groups.
RMA Define RMA policies and let personnel intuitively be guided by the system on what, how, where and when to be returned. Configurable rules can be set with statutory terms, warranty terms, product conditions etc.
Products Define products and services.
Product categories Define product groups.
Printing and emailing

Sales reporting software

Quotes can be e-mailed to the customer or printed with a click of a button. The flexible reporting functionality in the Enapps ERP allows customers to modify their quotations so the documents sent to your prospects or customers are professional and branded the way you want. Quotes can take the shape of a simple list of products and services, or look more like complete proposals with cover pages, pictures, page breaks, sections and more.

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