Reporting with Pentaho

The Enapps ERP system is implemented with a fully integrated Business Intelligence solution called Pentaho. The Pentaho solution takes the ERP system to the next level, since it can cater for a completely flexible reporting requirement. Documents can be printed in PDF, Excel, or Word. A report can be anything from an Invoice or Quotation, to a complex Bill of Material cost roll-up. Clients using the Enapps ERP system can be trained on the Pentaho report designer, which enables you to write your own reports on an on-going basis as departments and management request them. A significant portion in harnessing the full power of an ERP system is utilisation of the reporting capability, with the Pentaho integration, any reporting requirement can be delivered.

Pentaho reports


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List & search views

The standard ERP interface also provides a rich set of tools that enable you to query records in the system. In traditional ERP software, getting a list of sales orders or invoices is considered a report. In the Enapps ERP system finding this information does not require a report, since it is available directly within the system. The operator can quickly search and narrow down a large data set by utilising any number or combination of the ‘group by’ criteria by using the ‘Custom Group’ function. This allows the operator to pivot the data and deliver meaningful information with just a few mouse clicks. If required, the results can then easily be graphed with the click of a button.

Search/list features:

Configurable filter buttons
Search fields
Group-by buttons
Advanced filters

Custom group function

ODBC reports

For some reporting requirements, we can make use of Excel pivot functionality and draw ERP data directly from the database into a spreadsheet. The data is loaded in real time and easily refreshed by a single click of a button. This option provides an additional way to query your ERP data in a flexible and dynamic manner using familiar software and features. Typical ODBC report examples are general management, budget vs. actuals, stock, purchase analysis & sales analysis.

Report printing

Any system report can be displayed onscreen, saved as a file in various formats and/or hardcopy printed. The Enapps ERP also supports the direct printing, where once you allocate a default printer reports can be sent directly to it without being displayed onscreen.

We have experience in delivering specialist printing requirements for our clients, such as a Zebra printing integration which has a specific markup language (ZPL) for specialised label and barcode printing devices.

We have the ability to take on any customised printing task.

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