Procurement software

The procurement department of any business is challenged with keeping goods available for sale, manufacturing and generally fulfilling client orders.  However, this demand must be carefully balanced. Purchasing too much will inflate stock levels and tie up cash, not enough will negatively impact customer deliveries. The Enapps procurement software provides three essential methods for purchasing and planning which are outlined below.

procurement software

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Replenish stock

Standard purchase orders and request for quotations (RFQs) can easily be put into the system for confirming purchases with your suppliers. Standard purchase order functionality includes multiple price-lists, product selection, reference codes and full integration into the warehouse and accounting modules. Purchase orders can be guided through an approval process based on the total amount, or by default. Purchase orders must then be approved by a senior member of staff before they can be processed further. As with other transactions within the Enapps ERP system, the purchase order can be mapped to a standard or custom workflow. Confirmed purchase orders will route through to the warehouse in the form of automatically created incoming delivery documents. Purchase orders are also linked to accounting through the integrated workflow process.
ERP Purchase Orders