Project management

Project Management system

project management softwareProject management software allows you to keep track of the budgets, timelines, resources, financials and tasks for your projects along with all of the associated interdependencies within your business.

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Project planning software

  • Scheduling, Planning and Resource Management

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When managing a team, it is really important to have all of the project contributor’s tasks and responsibilities outlined and visible to everyone on the project. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and allows everyone involved in the project to easily identify which tasks are allocated to specific people and where new tasks should be delegated.

Our Project management software enables the assignment of tasks to team members and allows setting priorities and deadlines. Adding a due date to a task can be configured to automatically send a notification each time the scheduled completion date approaches, whilst the activity is still incomplete. We also have the ability to assign resources to tasks, which includes the required skill level for the task, via a drag-and-drop calendar interface. Resources in the context of our projects can be entities such as people or tools for the jobs in hand (we check the availability of people and other resources via our system calendar before they can be allocated to the task).

  • Task Prioritisation and Management

You are able to prioritise project activities in a number of ways. Prioritising tasks is extremely helpful whenever an urgent problem arises. By using our planning tools each task can be allocated a priority level from Low, Normal, High to Urgent so you can quickly escalate tasks without having to manually reschedule the whole project plan.

  • Work-blocks, tasks and sub tasks

A work-block consists of a number of related project tasks and a task is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time. As the project moves forward and if one or more of the original tasks proves to be more challenging, it can be very useful to be able to split tasks into sub-tasks. Work-blocks can also be fully or partly invoiced separate to the complete project, so if you are delivering the project in stages this is extremely useful.

  • Shared team calendar

A visual team calendar can be used for scheduling and organising meetings is a must-have for project management software. We have a system wide shared calendar which ensures that everyone receives the appropriate notifications, are able to attend their relevant meetings on time and know what everyone else on the project is doing.

  • Collaboration

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A project team can consist of both internal and external contributors. These are setup in a very similar way to drafting an e-mail to recipients and copying others. The Project Manager(s) is setup along with the internal and external contributors. Collaboration it supported within the system along with the ability to differentiate between internal and external notes.

  • Project accounting

project softwareThe major benefit of having project management software integrated within the ERP is that every part of the project is intrinsically linked to all of the necessary parts of your business via the ERP. This means that we can deliver an up-to-date snapshot of the project financials at any point in time.

  • Project Documentation

project management ukWe realise that it is extremely useful to have all of the relevant project documentation stored in one logical place within the project management software. Therefore, we have an ‘Attachments Tab’ where all of the project documentation can be drag-and-dropped via a mini ‘Windows Explorer’ type interface.