Product Configuration Tool

This module is extremely powerful if you have products which present unique complex configuration issues to your organisation, such as a wide range of product dependent configuration options. The ‘Product configurator’ tool by Enapps is designed to enable a layman to  quickly and easily configure highly complex and variable product lines.

Using this tool is like following a flow chart Q&A. To begin with the operator will enter in the top level parameter options that define the base product. These options then drive the following configuration lines, where each line represents a product selection option. When using this tool, the operator is not required to know which product options or components are required at each step, nor any restrictions in selection that may mean certain products are incompatible. The Configuration tool handles all of the decisions for them based on the pre-configuration parameters. This prevents mistakes, greatly de-skills the configuration process and speeds up the time required to compile quotations or estimates for your customers.

Example uses:

Complex PC specifications

MultiMedia Equipment Installations

Any product which has multiple options or requires a high level of customisation

Configurator setup

For each configuration line, rules can be defined that will determine things like automatically calculated quantities or co-dependent products. They can also be used to compute new pricing or toggle on new options based on what the operator has selected.
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