Product Configurator

This extremely powerful module enables your organisation to quickly configure multiple complex product dependent options for initial estimation to the detailed delivery stage. The ‘Product Configurator’ designed by Enapps, enables a simple solution to the highly variable estimation challenges many companies face today.

This tool allows a virtual layman to automatically and seamlessly configure complex product quotations along with a seamless information flow to other parts of the system. The top-level parameters define the base product and the operator is not required to have the knowledge of compatible or incompatible product options. The pre-configuration tool will ensure that only the correct parameters are met, thereby virtually eliminating errors. We will also configure this tool for your particular business requirements as part of the implementation.

Product Configurator example uses:

  • Complex PC specifications
  • MultiMedia Equipment Installations
  • Any product which has multiple options or requires a high level of customisation

Configurator setup

For each configuration line, rules can be defined that will determine things like automatically calculated quantities or co-dependent products. They can also be used to compute new pricing or toggle on new options based on what the operator has selected. Contact us to learn more about how this powerful tool can help your business.