Human Resources

Most ERP implementations do not come with Human Resources functionality and many HR managers within SME businesses currently use a paper or Excel based process. Generally, HR managers would like an integrated HR module within their ERP implementation; they are, however, not usually enthused about deploying a standalone HR package along with all of the overheads that this entails, such as training users and maintaining yet another system.

Enapps ERP is delivered with a ‘simple to use’ and functional Human Resources module which encompasses employee records, expenses & holidays. Since company employees are its main users, this module requires little or no training and for obvious reasons, there is no data duplication.

Additionally, Enapps HR data can also be used for a variety of purposes within the ERP system. For instance, manufacturing planning could reference HR holidays to plan for the resource allocations; project based business could reference holidays & expenses so time and material based tasks connected to a project could be charged directly to a client.

Moreover, we have added a fixed asset register which can be utilised to keep a record of all fixed assets and issue reminders on items such as routine equipment maintenance and car servicing. Due to the specific company nature of this functionality, it tends to be customised for each client.