Integrated DMS

Integrated Document Management System

It is only when certain people are away or simply cannot be contacted, that you realise how important it is to have the historic Quotation/Sales Order/Opportunity/Project documentation all available in one place. Due to this requirement, we have functionality which allows you to ‘drag-and-drop’ any file to a ‘mini explorer’ type interface directly into the ERP. A default hierarchy can be built which allows you to attach drawings, PDF’s, Spreadsheets or PowerPoint files, so anyone viewing client information has the very latest data available at the click of a button.

ERP DMS Attachment

Google map integration

Our customers asked us for an easy way to see their clients within a certain distance on a map, so they could easily plan visits around the same area. Now, by simply putting in City or the search radius in miles after a postcode (MK18:5) you can now see where local contacts are situated in a Google style map. This allows you to easily plan routes or to simply get a visual representation of where and what type of businesses you have as clients or prospects.

ERP Google Map Integration

Google Map Integration

3rd Party Integrations

There is often a requirement to integrate the Enapps ERP system to other applications, anything from your company bank to a supplier of an EDI system (like couriers or an e-mail marketing system). Enapps have completed many different system integrations for our clients and due to the highly flexible, modular and open nature of our ERP framework, we can write a solid integration quickly and cost effectively. Integrations can either be direct links to another provider’s API, or developed with a generic file type like a CSV or XML import/export function.