Document Management System

Business workflow improvement is one of the major reasons for an organization to implement an ERP system. Our DMS helps you to organize, categorize and streamline your organizational workflow by retaining or discarding the required documents within your desired workflow. This prevents a new stage in the workflow from becoming cluttered with irrelevant documents when, for instance a project needs to be handed over.

Nowadays, transferring documents into a digitally automated system is the preferred solution and is as simple as dragging and dropping files in Windows Explorer or sending an e-mail or file attachment from Outlook directly to the ERP system. The Enapps DMS allows you to have all of the relevant documents pertaining to a Quotation, Sales Order or Project in one place, so you do not have to search elsewhere for missing documents. It also allows other people with the correct access right to work with the documents if someone is unavailable or out of the office.

Attach files to the ERP quickly and easily

Enapps Document Management System users can easily drag & drop files via a ‘Windows Explorer like’ interface or use Outlook to send an e-mail or a file attachment into the exact place required within ERP. This means that numerous ERP transactions can contain related attachments, which can all be logically laid out within the system library. Since all information is in one database, you have direct access to all of this information from any part of the world, whenever you need it.