The Enapps Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is delivered with a comprehensive set of CRM tools along with the essential flexibility which todays businesses need to reflect their particular workflow. The Enapps system empowers the sales operation of your company, allowing them to manage customer relationships and all related company processes thereby increasing their ability to convert leads and prospects into new customers.

As with all other modules of the Enapps ERP system, the CRM software is fully integrated into the other parts of the system. This means that any information put into our CRM immediately becomes available from any part of the system.

Why is this important?

  • Information is only entered into the system once
  • There is no integration required with ‘other’ systems
  • All customer and pre-customer activities are available from one place
  • ‘Multiple versions of the truth’ are eliminated
  • Enables a fluid and logical system workflow

Manage all activities in one place with the Enapps ToDo list

We make it quicker and easier for you to carry out your work by making all relevant information accessible from one place;

  • Filter your activities by clicking one of the predefined buttons
  • The system automatically colour codes the tasks by due date
  • Double click the activity to see the full detail
  • Reassign tasks to other team members
  • Never miss an activity by getting a notification via system reminders
  • See all activities for the day/week/fortnight/month via the Calendar view
  • Create and follow chained activities which involve other team members