CRM for small business

The Enapps ERP implementation is delivered with comprehensive and flexible CRM for small business. The Enapps system empowers the sales operations of your company, allowing them to manage customer relations and sales processes and increasing your the ability to convert leads and prospects into new customers.

As with all other main modules of the Enapps ERP system, the CRM software is fully integrated into the other parts of the system. This means that your customers and sales information are in the same database, giving your business a seamless sales workflow. The CRM system, which keeps track of customer information, is designed to help build and manage relationships with your existing customers as well as qualify and nurture leads into new business. Having a central 360-degree view of your clients increases your ability to provide a high quality service and reduces the risk of important information only being visible to the direct sales person managing an account.

customer relationship management

CRM System Definitions

Contacts Everyone in the ERP database:  Customers, Suppliers, Leads, Prospects, Employees
Leads This is a potential sales contact for your business. Examples are a ‘bulk upload’ of leads to the system via a purchase from a B2B/B2C marketing company, contact details from a trade show or from your website
Prospects A qualified lead which has expressed some kind of interest in the products or services you supply. We often convert leads to prospects; however, you can also create a prospect from scratch. It is also probably worth mentioning here that you can only create a quotation or opportunity against a Prospect or Customer
Opportunity An opportunity is an ‘entity’ which we attach to a Prospect or a Customer. You can also have multiple Opportunities against both customers and prospects