CRM for small business

The Enapps ERP implementation is delivered with comprehensive and flexible CRM for small business. The Enapps system empowers the sales operations of your company, allowing them to manage customer relations and sales processes and increasing your the ability to convert leads and prospects into new customers.

As with all other main modules of the Enapps ERP system, the CRM software is fully integrated into the other parts of the system. This means that your customers and sales information are in the same database, giving your business a seamless sales workflow. The CRM system, which keeps track of customer information, is designed to help build and manage relationships with your existing customers as well as qualify and nurture leads into new business. Having a central 360-degree view of your clients increases your ability to provide a high quality service and reduces the risk of important information only being visible to the direct sales person managing an account.

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CRM Definitions

CRM System Definitions

Contacts Everyone in the ERP database:  Customers, Suppliers, Leads, Prospects, Employees
Leads This is a potential sales contact for your business. Examples are a ‘bulk upload’ of leads to the system via a purchase from a B2B/B2C marketing company, contact details from a trade show or from your website
Prospects A qualified lead which has expressed some kind of interest in the products or services you supply. We often convert leads to prospects; however, you can also create a prospect from scratch. It is also probably worth mentioning here that you can only create a quotation or opportunity against a Prospect or Customer
Opportunity An opportunity is an ‘entity’ which we attach to a Prospect or a Customer. You can also have multiple Opportunities against both customers and prospects
CRM Workflow


Customised ‘follow on’ CRM workflow

The follow-on workflow from the ‘CRM for small business’ module is where a fully end-to-end ERP implementation comes into its own. This is because the various workflow scenarios from Prospect to Client with Opportunities and/or Projects in your particular business is exactly reflected within your particular ERP implementation.

With the additional power of the ERP behind us, we can provide so much more functionality delivering the following benefits;

  • One place for everything – See all historical activity against any contact such as phone calls, meetings, e-mails, issues, credit limits & historical purchases etc.
  • Unified system – The CRM is inherently linked to all other parts of the ERP, which means a logical flow throughout the system without data duplication
  • Seamless workflow – We customise your desired workflow

Here are some workflow examples which our clients are using today:

Simple sale of goods or services to Customer or Prospect
Any typical Sales company selling goods and/or services will use this method. Create a quotation with standard products or services. This type of quotation would normally be created and sent via a standard automatic e-mail template in well under a minute.
Complex Estimate Quotations
Many companies work with extremely complex products which only ‘fit together’ in certain ways. They typically tend to have highly skilled and experienced estimators, who can create quotations for complex product sets. By using our ‘Product Configurator’ at the quotation stage, we can partially de-skill the task and make the process much quicker and less ‘error prone’.
Multiple Quotations against a single Opportunity
Some companies tender their opportunities to a number of companies. They need their workflow to be really clear in the areas of how many and which companies they are quoting and ultimately who won the business. One of the most important factors within this workflow is in the area of business reporting, namely that we do not count the multiple Quotations against a single Opportunity as potential Sales revenue. In Enapps, only the Opportunity value is counted and not the tendered Quotations for that opportunity.
Creating a Project with a Quotation
Depending on your business you may find it beneficial to create a Project on the system at the quotation stage (via a single tick box). If the quotation is successful, the project can be populated at a later date with information like first fix, second fix products (for construction projects), or allocating ‘drag and drop’ resources at certain times (human or otherwise).
Building relationships

Customer database software

The Enapps ERP’s CRM for small business module allows you to manage your sales workflow for enquiries and leads. It is easy to upload a list of leads, and our ERP makes it easy for you to take these and run a marketing campaign. This will hopefully convert them into prospects and eventually customers, which you can update in the system with only the click of a button.

CRM database

Prospects & customers
In the prospect and customer view, Enapps’ ERP not only gives you a full view of all your customers’ company and contact information, but a full history and overview of the transactions and communications with your customers. Open quotations, a review of previous sales, lists of current opportunities, and a full record of all emails, phone calls, notes, meetings, and tasks can all be analysed on screen, enabling you to increase your sales.
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Opportunity pipeline

Future business

The CRM’s opportunity function records your sales pipeline as opportunities and quotations, which can then be converted into closed sales. You can process opportunities through configurable sales stages, which automatically update your probability of successfully winning the business. The opportunity function records your sales pipeline and maps future business potential. This allows your sales team to record opportunities and helps to ensure that potential deals are not missed. Because of this, management can understand how your company is going to perform in relation to your planned budgets.


– Link quotations
– Configurable sales stages auto-change probability
– Configure scoring based on selected field criteria
– Convert to quotation

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Activity management

CRM activities

Stay organised

The CRM for small business includes many ways to record and manage communication with your customers, allowing you to record phone calls, tasks, meetings and notes, as well as sending e-mails directly from the system. Activities can also be set up in chains, where once you complete one activity, a second related activity is automatically created. Reschedule calls and keep a rolling history of your notes for next time. The TODO list provides a dashboard of activities to complete so nothing is missed.

Advanced features:

Chained activities
– Activity reminders

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Marketing campaigns

CRM marketing

Boost your sales

Enapps ERP’s CRM for small business software creates campaigns for email marketing, telemarketing, mail merges, events, advertisements and much more. Campaigns are linked to all related documents like opportunities, activities or quotations, allowing you to report clearly on the success of your campaign. This is an easy way to target new leads or existing customers and increase your sales.


– Campaign metrics, for generated opportunities, sales, quotes
– Cost tracking, linking all purchases to actions to determine campaign costs
– Dynamic lists, which allow you to answer any question about your sales data, allowing you to determine, for example, which customers have bought which of your products last month.

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Enapps Marketing with Mailchimp

The Enapps ERP solution is fully integrated with MailChimp,to help you maximise your existing or future e-mail marketing requirements. Use data already within the ERP to build a target list, which will then be processed through MailChimp, allowing you full HTML templates to send out branded mail shots. Unsubscribed notifications, non-delivery reports, open rates and other reporting metrics are passed back to the ERP for analysis and up to update data recording.

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