The Enapps ERP system is implemented with a fully integrated Business Intelligence solution. The Enapps reporting software solution takes the ERP system to the next level, since it can cater for a completely flexible reporting requirement. Documents can be printed in PDF, Excel, or Word. A report can be anything from an Invoice or Quotation, to a complex Bill of Material cost roll-up. Clients using the Enapps ERP system can be trained on our report designer, which enables you to write your own reports on an on-going basis as departments and management request them. A significant portion in harnessing the full power of an ERP system is utilisation of the reporting software, with the report designer integration, any reporting requirement can be delivered.

Benefits of our reporting software:

Dynamic or ‘on-screen’ reports: These types of reports are quickly and easily created and manipulated in real-time with just a few mouse clicks, or can be added to a Dashboard for immediate viewing at any time.

Printed Reports: These report types are initially identified from the reports which are being used pre-ERP implementation. They are then usually copied as part of the implementation.

The most up-to-date data: Our reporting software only ever uses the most up-to-date data, since all data is read directly from the single database structure held within the ERP system.

A single version of truth – Since everything is stored within a single database environment, ‘multiple versions of the truth’ are eliminated overnight and this ensures current data within all reports from the time of creation.

Easy construction – You will find yourself creating meaningful custom on-screen reports in just a couple minutes. Specific company data analysis which eluded you before will become commonplace.

Uncomplicated access – All reports are easily accessible through all devices, including mobile and tablets, therefore you can easily reach them from any place and at any time.