Business Intelligence

When we talk about Business Intelligence (BI) within the context of ERP, we mean the ability to leverage and transform raw ERP data into visually meaningful and useful strategic information which can be used to enable efficient business insights, with a view to steering senior management decision-making in an effective and timely manner.

BI tools have the ability to simplify complex data by delivering visualization tools such as, graphs, KPI’s and dashboards that consolidate and display the required results into a meaningful format of your choice.

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Why do I need Business intelligence software?

You need BI because it is able to convey meaning to ‘big data’ and has the result of boosting productivity, increasing Sales and Marketing insight, improving visibility and it just makes good sense to get the most out of your business data. By using our integrated business intelligence (BI) software, our operators can quickly and easily turn data into visual insights empowering them to action. By having a BI module embedded within a fully end-to-end ERP, our customers are confident that they are always using the most up-to-date data and are therefore able to completely analyze the current market situation to make well-grounded business decisions.