Product Definition and Top line Sales

Wealden Rehab specialises in healthcare related equipment such as chairs, hoists, beds and associated equipment for assisted home living. For many of these products there are multiple configurations, for instance a certain type of chair may have multiple options and within each option there are additional choices ranging from colour to functionality. In response to supporting the the myriad of product configurations, Enapps constructed a tailored set of functionalities which allow for full configuration of each product with all of the options and choices. This functionality has two distinct impacts. Firstly, on the inventory side it allows Wealden Rehab to accurately identify all current inventory down to a third degree of specificity. Secondly, the sales team can now quickly construct quotes with accurate product definition and pricing as well as immediate confirmation if the specified item is within the current inventory.

“Enapps have transformed the way in which we deal with the complicated range of products we supply and stock. This system really assists our team to specify products both more quickly and more accurately – which has improved our customer experience”

Inventory Control

In addition to helping to the sales team on the quote side the new system provides Wealden Rehab with full and accurate articulation of their entire inventory. Due to the variations in their product range and the uniqueness of some inventory, this was previously extremely challenging. Today Wealden Rehab have full visibility of their inventory and can manage order fulfilment accurately and better control the purchasing side of their business.

“Our previous system didn’t have good stock control. Our products are such that you cannot use the FIFO (First in, First out) principle and Enapps have configured the system to deal with this very effectively, so we can see exact stock levels and specification at the click of a button”

In addition to planning and installation services, Wealden Rehab ships significant quantities of goods to their customers. To expedite this business process Enapps built an integration framework allowing the Wealden Rehab ERP system to link directly with UPS Couriers. In what was previously a manual, time consuming and potentially error prone process, Wealden Rehab now ships orders at the ‘click of a button’. Time is saved, accuracy is ensured and all processes are tracked within the system. Today, accurate shipping information and arrival times are available for use in customer service.

“We think the UPS Courier module has saved our operations team more than 5 hours per week and made it more accurate too – excellent!”

Experience with Enapps

1. Enapps completed the project on time. From the first meeting to ‘Go live’ was 5 months including training time.

2. Wealden Rehab received the system they wanted.

3. The project was completed on budget.

4. On the service side Enapps host and maintain Wealden Rehab’s data and respond rapidly to support needs.

“This was a very large project and it has given us lots of benefits over our previous system. The ongoing support is also very good – all done through an on-line portal which tracks progress if we have any problems. We recommend Enapps for your business software needs.“

Since original project was implemented, Wealden Rehab have continued to enhance business processes through new functionality. Wealden Rehab has also have requested additional reports to enhance their decision making needs.