About Verisk Maplecroft

Verisk Maplecroft is a leading global risk and strategic consulting company. It is regularly quoted in the media and its work involves the analysis of key political, economic, social and environmental risks that impact upon global business and investors.

Why change?

“We were using a raft of disparate systems including Sage, Sugar CRM and standalone spreadsheets. Although these worked well as standalone applications, there was no easy way of compiling the required management information and the task was highly inefficient and getting longer, becoming more time consuming and difficult as time went on. We therefore knew that at some point we would need an ERP system to streamline our business. We initially attempted to implement an ERP using a 3rd party provider and in-house resources, but later abandoned the project due to the lack of internal ERP expertise, the incompetence of the 3rd party provider and sheer workload pressure via our core business.”

Experience with Enapps

“One of the first project tasks was to research our ERP options and to choose a vendor. After a lengthy decision process consisting of over 16 ERP vendors, we decided to go with an Enapps ERP implementation. As a risk management company Verisk Maplecroft essentially required a system which not only performed all of our ERP functional needs, but also delivered an ‘as close to risk free’ working environment as possible. We realised that if anything happened to Enapps as a company, we had access to the source code of our implementation so could continue to work with and even enhance our system using our internal development staff if required.

“Enapps were chosen as having the strongest ERP product for the following reasons:

          • Providing an extremely flexible ERP solution.
          • Access to the ERP source code.
          • Their in-house development team.
          • Their extremely professional and motivated sales and implementation team, that had quickly got up to speed with our business and understood us and our needs well.

“Enapps got the ‘go-ahead’ in December 2013 and by April 2014 we were up and running with our new Enapps ERP implementation, including full training, customised reports and a full line-by-line Sage data migration.”


“There is always some risk associated with taking on new software to run your business, but we saw the risk with Enapps as being minimal and we were, and continue to be, extremely confident in their ability to deliver great solutions. I cannot recommend this team and their solution highly enough.” Julian Davis, Business Analyst / Project Manager.

“We used to spend days delivering our month end management reports. Now that Enapps have streamlined this function, it takes just a few mouse clicks to get the job done.” Richard Hall, Head of Finance.