Story of the Company & Motive for Change

Pinnacle Furniture has been providing furniture and refurbishment solutions to the education sector since 1975. In 2012, the company embarked on a plan to grow the company starting with an acquisition of a business conducting the same services but in the private sector. As part of the business plan, the company identified that the existing set of business applications in use – Sage Line 50, Sage ACT CRM, QuoteWerks and various spread sheets for reporting purposes – should be replaced with an integrated ERP system.

Pinnacle hired an external consultant to help find a suitable vendor to implement the ERP system. The requirements covered many aspects such as accounting, CRM, sales and order processing, purchasing and projects. It was also significant that the company required a powerful Product Configuration tool, which allows for presenting an estimator with a series of co-related options whilst building a quotation.

Enapps were selected after a long process of evaluating the market for solutions and potential vendors. Firstly Pinnacle chose Enapps due to the strength of the existing ERP system in accounting and CRM functions as well as the friendly and ‘good looking’ user interface. Secondly, Pinnacle understood that the OpenERP framework would allow their company numerous options over a multi-year horizon due to its flexibility. No other product could say the same. Finally, the open source nature of the solution means Pinnacle can proceed with growth plans without incurring additional user costs.

The project had several challenging factors, with a high level of development required for the product configurator, and urgent timescales to get the ERP implemented prior to the company busy period in the summer. Enapps track record and experience with developing customisations gave Pinnacle the confidence that they could get the project completed, despite the amount of new development that would be required.

“Our business was hamstrung by a lack of a coherent and flowing businesses process. Once we had defined the business processes we needed to find an IT system that could deliver while accommodating the complexity of our order process and providing a user friendly interface with flexibility to accommodate future growth and development. After an exhaustive tendering process OpenERP seemed the only system that fitted the bill.” Daryl Stanley – Managing Director.

Problems & Solutions

Disjointed Business Processes

Prior to the integrated ERP system, Pinnacle managed their process across four different systems – Sage Line 50, Sage ACT CRM, Quotewerks and spreadsheets. As a result, each department in the company required manual processes and duplication of data entry. Additionally, there was a problem with mistakes at each step, resulting in client issues and complaints.

The ERP system now takes the whole business process from end-to-end. CRM calls and activities generate customer interest, resulting in requested catalogues and estimates. Sales Quotations are built using a powerful Product Configurator, aiding in estimating complex installations such as fitted wall storage or decorating. Confirmed orders push through to the warehouse for fulfilment. Any required purchases flow through to the Purchase Run to be sourced from a variety of suppliers. Projects are automatically created, linking to the sales order, purchases and deliveries. Invoicing is conducted in project stages, linking back to accounting and payments.

“Enapps detailed scoping combined with a careful study of our business enabled rapid development and launch of the program into the business. Their close support throughout the go-live period was much appreciated.” Daryl Stanley – Managing Director.

Stock Control

The previous setup did not allow for any control or management of stock in the warehouse. The ERP now produces accurate cost figures and managed the goods delivered IN and OUT. Today Pinnacle enjoys full visibility of stock and can better manage which orders belong to each customer.

“The stock control system including allocation, location and labelling features has really helped us move the warehousing facility forward and facilitated greater efficiency.” Daryl Stanley – Managing Director

Experience with Enapps

Enapps completed the project on time. From the first meeting to the ‘Go live’ phase was six months including training. Pinnacle is pleased with the system and continues to think of new enhancements and features to better streamline their business process. These ideas are being incorporated into the ERP in the form of support fixes. The project was completed on budget.

“Enapps have proved a helpful and knowledgeable company to deal with and the ERP has removed the bottlenecks in our processes that were restricting growth. As with any new system implementation there are still a number of further developments we wish to undertake to enable us to reach the full potential of the system and the flexibility of ERP enables us to do this moving forward.” Daryl Stanley – Managing Director.