Story of the company and motive for change

Lifestyle Aesthetics manufacture and distribute cosmetics products throughout the UK and Europe. In 2010, the company identified a problem managing their manufacturing process and determining the required components to order from various suppliers. The existing process, managed via spreadsheets, was grinding to a halt due to data volume and complexities. This forced Supply Chain Manager Cheryl Wright to spend several days a month processing manufacturing orders and determining purchasing requirements. The company faced challenging issues like understanding the correct number of components to order based on delivery lead times and current sales pipeline, taking into consideration seasonal sales spikes. Further considerations like the assembly and disassembly of bundle and kit products and order import from five Magento e-commerce shops all had a negative effect on their current system.

Group Technology Director Chris Golding, a long-time supporter of open source software, wanted a flexible and cost effective solution to meet their requirement. Enapps was selected after a detailed review of all OpenERP specialists in the UK due to their functional and technical ability and knowledge of the manufacturing sector. The solution which was implemented utilises Enapps ERP’s sales, purchasing, manufacturing, warehouse, invoicing and general ledger functionalities.

Problems and solutions

Prior to the integrated ERP system, Lifestyle managed their manufacturing and supply chain requirement purely on spreadsheets. This is not an uncommon situation in a mid-market sized company, but the spreadsheets were becoming unmanageable due to the complexity of the requirement, data volume and reliance on a single highly skilled person to manage the process. Lifestyle understood that this posed a risk to the business, as well as making the possibility of data loss or errors due to spreadsheet memory freezes or a mistyped data entry more likely. The introduction of the Enapps ERP system has completely eliminated these risks as there is now a stable multi-user platform.

Inventory control

The introduction of the Enapps ERP system also provided the functionality to manage stock control. Previously, costs were managed on Sage and the quantities on spreadsheets, but Lifestyle now are able to see an accurate picture of current stock levels for all components and finished goods. This is especially useful because they have both external and internal warehouses. Now, in the case of the external warehouse, the operators can log in to Enapps’s ERP system and process deliveries as required.

Integrated process

Not only was the manufacturing and purchasing requirement causing issues, but this also impacted upon other departments. Sales orders and Magento e-commerce orders were handled manually, but billing was handled in Sage. Now all order processing and billing is covered through Enapps’s ERP, which automatically generates the necessary delivery documents upon receipt of a sales order. This also organises purchasing, linking sales orders to their delivery and invoice, providing a better overall picture and management of the integrated business process.

Experience with Enapps

Enapps completed the project on budget and on time. Lifestyle Aesthetics are pleased with the system and continue to think of new enhancements and features to better streamline their business processes. The maintenance service has also added value to the implementation through the introduction of web server enhancements.