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Thank you for visiting the Enapps website. Please find below an articulation of our value proposition and an executive summary of how we do things at Enapps. For further information please tour the other areas of our website or directly contact us and we would be pleased to directly answer any questions you may have.

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Executive Summary

Enapps ERP

The solution consists of an enterprise grade software system and a suite of services. The system has an integrated CRM system, full accounting functionality, full supply chain management and a host of internal functions like e-mail and alerts.


Our system can be integrated with any third party service, supplier or provider to eliminate tasks such as the re-keying of data and reduces errors whilst increasing efficiency.

Best Practice

The system is wrapped with a suite of services covering the three principle project phases of Pre-implementation, Implementation and Post-Implementation.


Services range from scoping and analysis to development and configuration to data migration. During the implementation phase we use an agile process to confirm functionality, develop user familiarity and manage change requirements.

Risk Free

All development initiatives are tied to payment terms to eliminate buyer risk.


We do not charge license fees or user fees of any kind.


Hosting, maintenance and support are provided as selected by the customer.

Be Wary of Our Competitors

The ENAPPS value proposition is best understood within the context of the ERP software industry. Our value proposition challenges the current business models of SAP, Netsuite, Sage, MS-Dynamics and MS-Great Plains. Their models all use ‘brand power’ to get you locked in on a multi-year horizon.

Our competition will try …

To ‘rent’ their software to you
To control fees
To control your data
To control your options moving forward

With ENAPPS, you will …

Control the system
Not be locked-in
Have unlimited users
Have managable costs
Own and control your data
Maintain maximum development options over any horizon

The Enapps Value Proposition

Total Cost of Ownership

Our pricing model is simple, one price, for the full solution and the price is agreed by you before any work begins. This includes the ERP system and the service package as specified by you. There are no hidden costs after the fact, the price we agree together is the final price you pay for the agreed implementation. Maintenance comprises a comprehensive package annually at 15% of the project cost. There are no license fees with Enapps. When you carry out your due diligence, we recommend that you compare costs over a multi-year horizon (circa 5-10 years) to average out the many ‘hidden costs’ you may incur from other vendors.

Experience (case specific)

If you are initiating a move from a fairly rudimentary set of technology tools to a fully fledged ERP system, this is very different than moving from one ERP system to another. At Enapps we have significant experience in helping companies like yours move from these basic tools onto a full ERP system. This experience will ensure a smooth transition and help you manage the change impact. Specifically, our agile method will ensure early access and familiarity with the system and the establishment of a test database will allow your staff the opportunity to practice in a safe data environment.

Experience (general)

At the partner level we have strong skill sets in system integration, system development, finance, business performance and training. Our partners have worked with SAP, IBM and BlackBerry. Additionally our in-house development team possesses master’s level education in systems or engineering equivalent, as well as years of software development and support experience.

Balanced Approach

From us you can expect a balanced approach to your project. Our approach is balanced in that we are good listeners, when it comes to your business and your needs and we are also good at what we do, so for certain aspects of the project you can expect us to recommend best practice.

Multi Year Horizon

Many discussions with ERP vendors end at the ‘Go Live’ phase. At Enapps we know that ERP implementation projects should be viewed in a multi-year context (circa 5-10 years). This includes both pricing and service. With Enapps you can expect a formal quarterly check-in from us (for the first 2 years and then semi-annually) to gather feedback and information from you on the uptake and impact of the system. We will use gathered feedback to help serve you better and provide recommendations as required. It is clear that our clients builds strong, long-term relationships with customers and we do the same.

System Flexibility

Our ERP product is one of the most flexible ERP systems available today. This new technology is specifically designed to avoid ending up with a ‘homegrown’ system that can only be supported or adjusted by a particular vendor. It is designed to provide you with maximum options moving forward. This means new integrations or new functionality can be carried out as the business needs evolve.


Our track record with system integrations is superb. We have integrated UPS for our customers who ship; we have integrated Banking systems and also with MailChimp for added marketing power. Our next system integration is with Western Union, this module will allow for instant access, through the ERP system to foreign exchange services from WUBS.


When you leverage our flexible and robust systems, we are also able to provide mobile solutions to our clients. Whilst working on our ERP Implementation for Kartell Ltd. we created a mobile solution allowing them to perform stock moves on the go in their warehouse for the Android operating system. The modularity of our system provides a rich API set, allowing integration with multiple mobile stacks. Whether your business uses Android or IOS, a mobile solution can be designed to meet your requirement of linking your ‘in the field’ personnel with the planning arm of the business, all within a single ERP system.

Service and Specialisation

At Enapps we only focus on ERP systems. We don’t get distracted with building websites, selling hardware or other products. We wrap our core product with a suite of services required for a full and complete implementation.

Client List

With Enapps you will not just be one of hundreds of clients that we serve. We are motivated to win your business and continuing to win your business and doing a great job of supporting your system. We will do this with the same care and attention that you would expect your employees to treat your customers. Please speak to our clients and they will tell you the same.