About Enapps

We are a unique Business Management Software Solution Company otherwise known as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the small to medium sized operations.  By utilising both our expertise and an open-source framework, we are able to fully customise an exceptionally reliable solution to meet the requirements of each individual company.  We provide solutions for all types of industries including Warehouse and Distribution, Manufacturing and Construction (CIS).

Our mission

To provide a cost-effective and fully customisable Business Management Software Solution (ERP) dedicated to the small and medium-sized market.

The Enapps method

We offer a modular solution which allows your company to select as many or as little of our functionalities as required.  This enables a solution that does not force a business to purchase functionalities that they do not require. Our flexibility provides for an extremely cost-effective solution.

Enapps offers flexible, robust solutions at an affordable price that is free from license fees and backed up by an exceptional service experience.


Vadim Chobanu
Managing Partner
Vadim graduated in Accounting and Finance from the University of Southampton. Having worked with ERP and accounting systems in a number of sectors, he became frustrated with what was on offer and in 2011 he co-founded Enapps to specifically challenge Sage & Tier 1 ERP systems.

Ron Martin
Managing Partner
Over the years Ron has held various roles in product management, project management and technical positions in companies such as Toshiba, Dr Solomon’s Software, Nvidia, ATI and AMD.


Sergii Danyuk
Technical Manager
Sergii graduated from the Zhytomyr Military Institute of National Aviation University and then began work in the geo-information industry. He now leads our operations team, keeping spirits high, and enjoys handling the other technical challenges which come his way.

Anton Perepelytsya
Project Manager
Anton graduated from Ivan Franko LNU with a master’s degree in Economics. His areas of particular interest are business process analysis, automation and general improvement of systems. Anton also writes technical documentation, trains our clients and has direct customer support responsibilities.